10 alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree ornaments


For years now, at Christmas time, you’ll find quite some blogposts with great alternatives for the traditional Christmas tree. I, too, have recently published a similar post, but on the Facebook page of this blog.
With all that inspiration, I wonder every year whether to have a real tree or whether to look for something more original. Same thing this year, except that we’re the ones receiving the family December 24th and 25th. As a result I do think everyone prefers a real tree, straght from from a forest (sustainably managed, if you please).

I have however been looking for a way to still find some originality by getting something better than your traditional Chirstmas tree ornements.
So in this post are some of the ideas I found in my search. And even if I haven’t decided what to do yet, I’ll will reveil my favorite inkling at the bottom of this post.




The day before yesterday was Sinterklaas’s birthday in the Netherlands. It’s one of the traditions that has become part of all the december festivities. And for Dutch children it’s Sinterklaas who brings them presents, not Father Christmas.

Many Dutch wait for the day after Sinterklaas to get going with Christmas which also means setting up the Christmas tree. Me too, I’m still Dutch enough with regard to this tradition. My tree will only now make its way into our interior.

I still have lots of Christmas decorations to ‘dress up’ this small part of forest next to the fireplace, but I feel like doing something different. I have been looking for an original something for in the tree and I’ll show you the 10 ideas I liked the most.
Will these ideas inspire you too?





1. With just these 3D paper ornaments. – by Broste Copenhagen

2. With personal photos, what a lovely idea when you’re celebrating with family!! via Astuces de Filles

3. Such an artistic way, with simple golden stars that continue on the wall behind the tree. A little like a fairytale, right? – via Côté Maison








4. Such a pretty DIY with feathers that have been dip-and-dyed in gold and fairydust. – via Christmaholic

5. To get even more forest into your home, with little painted acorns. – by Delicamade via Amazon

6. With a homemade garland. – via No Home without You








7. I love the idea of putting fresh flowers in the tree! It’s just the thought that they won’t last long that worries me. – by Design Love Fest

8. With dried orange slices. So ‘natury’, right? – via Homelisty

9. I couldn’t not put in this idea because I love everything with letters. So great idea these letters and letter garlands. – via Deavita & Better Happier

10. With wooley pompoms. Soft and colorful, kids should love this, don’t you think? – by Oh Joy




So, for those who know me a little, it must be quite obvious my preference goes to the letter idea. I’ll try to find a way to do something with this idea …
And you, do you have a favorite idea?



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