7 lighting ideas under 70€, for your budget decorating.

7 lighting ideas under 70€, for your budget decorating.

Lighting is very important in interior design, as well as for the fonctional side as for the decorative aspect.
A lamp can have quite an impressive impact on your interior, it can be a true eyecatcher in the styling of a room (for example the famous Vertigo lamp by
Constance Guisset) but it can also go completely unnoticed and only bring light.

I like lamps, they are in fact objects with which you can have fun creating a touch of ‘new’ in your interior or offering a lovely present to someone else that loves interor design.
Only snag, I find, is that lighting can be quite expensive.

So, that’s why I tried to find some lamps in a friendly price range, so as to realize that despite some crazy prices, you can find lighting happiness on a budget.

Here is my quick selection of 7 lighting ideas for under 70 €!



7 Lighting ideas under 70€, for your budget decorating.


The beautiful circle suspension lamp, Tourbille, that exists in ether black or brass. (I really like the idea of combining both colors, by the way!)

This lamp is really aery and will stand out for its originality!
The size of this lamp is: L31 x H135 x W11 cm and it will cost you 69€.
(at the french online shop of AMPM)



7 Lighting ideas under 70€, for your budget decorating.


I particularly like this wall fixture by the swedish brand Markslojd. I guess I need not explain the very practical element of this lamp/shelf?

If at first you’d be inspired to use this lighting shelf as a nightstand, this wall lamp will work anywhere else as well! I really like the idea in the photo for example, using it in a kitchen with a plant or a recipy book.

And did you see the special detail?? For smartphone addicts (and let’s face it, we are many) there’s a bonus: a USB socket to charge your phone, yay!!

This wall light and – shelf is about 52 cm long, 20 cm high and 16 cm wide and can be bought at 59,90€.
(at the french hardware giant Leroy Merlin)




7 Lighting ideas under 70€, for your budget decorating.


To be placed on a desk, a shelf or in a bookcase, the Minione lamp has quite an industral yet timeless design.
This kind of lamp can be categorized as accent lighting. Accent lighting focuses light on a particular area or object. It is often used to highlight art or other interior artifacts. Be aware not to use too much accent lighting, as the desired effect might get lost.

Of course, the Minione will be equally nice next to a bed or on the desk in a kids room. Also, the fact that it’s a ‘clip-on’ makes it very movable and so you can change its place according to your needs and moods! (and that’s what we like, flexibility in styling possibilities)

The size of this Minione clip-on lighting is L36 x H16 x W8 cm and with the price reduction of the online shopit costs  55,36€.
(at the french online shop of AMPM)




7 Lighting ideas under 70€, for your budget decorating.


Here’s a wall lamp that can hardly be overseen , it’s the Brass wall lamp by the dutch brand Dutchbone. This antique-looking lamp is made from metal sheets artfully combined to form a distinctive and eye-catching design. The result is a lamp that shines an interesting light pattern on the wall.

The Brass has a height of 19 cm, a width of 27 cm and is 13,5 cm large and with the 10% doff of the online shop it will cost you 59,40€.
(at the french online shop of Drawer)




7 Lighting ideas under 70€, for your budget decorating.


Let mepresent one of my latest crushes, the Duet White Lighting Balloons , balloons of natural, washable and reusable paper, by the designer Ekaterina Galera.

I love the poetic feel and the idea of lightness of these ‘balloons’, which are lit by a small garland of 10 LEDs inside them. I imagine this beautiful handmade creation in either a kids room or an adult bedroom!

The two balloons are a size S and L and are 26 and 31 cm heigh, 22 and 27 cm wide and this duo (remember, they(re handmade) costs 68€.
(at Ekaterina Galera)




7 Lighting ideas under 70€, for your budget decorating.


I also really like this table lamp that’s the Jayda.
It’s the simplicity of the design and the golden interior of the swivel head that have an effect on me. You can use/place this lamp anywhere in your interior and I feel it will fit in nearly any style of decorating.

The Jayda is 25cm by 50cm and for this table lamp model you should pay 49€.
(at the french home furnishing store Alinea)




7 Lighting ideas under 70€, for your budget decorating.


Like huge soap bubbles, these clear glass ceiling lights could seem to be floating in the air, if it weren’t for the mango wood pedestals .

Again, I find that this is a light that will fit in all interior styles. With its cable length of 1m70, I would be tempted to hang it as low as possible (next to a armchair or sofa for example) to accentuate the lovely bubble effect. And I love the idea of the photo of hanging the two versions together!

The different sizes of these hanging lamps are 30 x 20cm and 24 x 17 cm and their prizes are 59,99€ ou 49,99€.
(at H&M Home)




I must admit that I surprise myself, because in this selection there’s not one rattan or bamboo lamp. Yet at the moment, that’s exactly the lighting that take my fancy. Moreso since I wrote the article on My favorites in the new HKLiving collection that starts with a beautiful ratan table lamp (that works well on the floor too!).

This will certainly encourage me to write another article on the subject!
To be continued?


Please find more lighting tips and see what lighting can do to ‘up’ your interior design, in the article How to Layer Lighting and Make Your Home Shine.


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