8 Ideas for a cosy kitchen for winter


It’s the season to be cosy. Outside it’s getting cold and we’re starting to think about Christmas.  One of the things I like about winter is preparing my home for it. And of course, cosy is the way to go.

I thought it would be nice for once, not to cosy up the living room or the bedroom, but the kitchen. This article presents 8 simple ideas to make your kitchen cosy for winter.
And all of the suggested decorating tips will apply not only for Christmas but throughout the winter.


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There’s a chill in the air and even here in french Provence we’ve been feeling it for about a week now. When it’s like this, nothing makes me happier than snuggling up in a big armchair, a warm plaid on my knees and a podcast or a book to enjoy the moment.
Moreover, Christmas is not far and so we (read: us interior design crazies), will soon start cozying up our homes. No no, that’s not a term I invented. Apparently, making your home cosy can also be said as
cosying up

But it’s not just the livingroom that should enjoy the business of cosying up for winter. In a fairly easy and fun way too, it can be done in all rooms of the house, the bedroom, the entrance, the bathroom even or the kitchen.
Yes I said it, a cosy home for winter doesn’t truly work if you don’t include the kitchen.

Here are 8 ideas to make your kitchen cosy for winter:

Think of a rug for your kitchen.

Such bliss when you have a cup of tea or coffee in the early morning in slippers or barefoot and to feel somethig soft underneeth your feet. Visually a carpet brings instant cosiness. As for the practical side, it goes without saying that you should choose a washable quality. But believe me, the comfort is so worth it!

Dare to paint one or several walls.

With the trend of deep color in interior, it’s without risk. A beautiful dark color can create a cosy atmosphere, also in the kitchen.

In the kitchen too, textiles bring warmth and cosiness.

It might look like something complicatedfor the kitchen. But how about pretty tea towels, thick hand towels or a nice, soft material apron. Or, why not invent a diy with fabric, something to store utensils or a ‘container’ for a plant.
And if your kitchen allows room for seating, there’s nothing more winter cosy than sitting on a sheepskin!

Create cosiness with plants and dried flowers.

Plants don’t just have an obvious decorative side, there is also their health benefit! Studies show that “living with plants results in lower blood pressure, it reduces muscle tension and it improves productivity.” And since cosy also goes with well-being …
Read more about
trendy plantes here.

Another great option and so very trendy are dried flowers. If fresh flowers remind us of spring and summer, dried flowers will really bring a lovely original touch of ‘nature’ to your kitchen.


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Add ambient lighting for a cosy kitchen.

Obviously in a kitchen, you’ll find mainly functional and direct lighting. But if you enjoy this room also for having lunch or a ‘slow’ coffee, why not add a nice softer, less aggressive lighting. And with lamps of rattan, wood or recycled paper, the style’s even more cosy!

In the kitchen too, candles give a sense of warmth!

Is there such a thing as a winter atmosphere in our homes without candles? Candles comme in all sizes, smells and colors. Why not put a nice tray of candles on your kitchen worktop or plenty of small tealights in unexpected places. Whether you’re cooking or having that early morning coffee , it’ll make it so much nicer.

Style your kitchen too, with personal items.

It’s a real must in successful interior styling. So I guess it’s no surprise. For a sense of well-being in your own home small personal items are essentiel. It could be an object you’ve inherited, the drawings of your children or a photo wall. Anything goes!
To find
some ideas how to expose them,  look here!

A cozy kitchen requires mostly good food, right?

But yes of course!
Even if you’re no chef, you can at least buy some beautiful fruit or try to make a cake, some waffles, pancakes or organize a genuine ‘raclette’.

I hope you’ll have a comfy winter!


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For lots more ideas and inspiration to properly decorate your kitchen I highly recommend this photo wall !!



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