Beautiful tiny art stories from Tinystories

Beautiful tiny art stories from Tinystories

Tiny de Vries is the artist behind the art print ‘brand’ (and the play on words) Tinystories.

It was through a Dutch magazine and on Instagram that I discovered her work a few years ago. I was immediately drawn to her collage-styled paintings that are sophisticated and quite delicate.

As you can imagine, I was delighted when  Tinystories suggested I tell you about her collection of art prints and collages. I felt privileged to be allowed to choose one of the art prints for my own home. And it wasn’t easy to make a choice, I can tell you.

In this article I’m happy to show you her work and my own Tinystories print on the wall. And I’ll tell you the (not so tiny) story behind Tinystories .

And a lovely surprise for you, on my Instagram account at the moment, you can win an art print Tinystories of your own choice!


Beautiful tiny art stories from Tinystories

The story behind Tinystories

In one of the latetst posts of her Instagram, the artist Tiny de Vries, tells her own story.

She studied at Utrecht Art University and after graduating she wanted to travel and experience a new culture. She went to Indonesia where she studied art at the University of Art and Culture in Bandung on the island of Java.
It was there that she learned to follow her heart and to tell her stories.

On her return from her travels, she wished to return to Utrecht where she then founded her studio Tinystories. Obviously, the name is a play on words as her first name is Tiny, pronounced teeny in dutch, and the english meaning of tiny is something really small. A lovely way of suggesting that her art represents little stories.


Her work

Tiny loves positive and creative energy and finds her inspiration in nature (flowers, trees, landscapes) and in female shapes and faces. They are, as she says, “little nothings“. A typical feature of her work is the use of used materials. The paintings and illustrations are hand drawn by combining different techniques and materials such as ink, gouache and acrylic. And she likes to create on old paper, sun-bleached linen and old book paper.
This is what I like in the reproduction that I have chosen,
Blue Eyes . It’s not just a lovely portrait of a woman but there are also deliberate traces of old paper. It is this combination of paint with the collage aspect that makes it so original.

Tiny puts her heart, love and soul into every painting.


Beautiful tiny art stories from Tinystories


Beautiful tiny art stories from Tinystories


Beautiful tiny art stories from Tinystories


Beautiful tiny art stories from Tinystories


“The dutch artist Tiny de Vries loves to illustrate her life. She grew up in a small Dutch farming village in the warm surroundings of a creative, open minded and free spirited family. Tiny finds inspiration in nature, travelling, experiencing different cultures, her love for handcraft, books and art.

She graduated from the Academy of Art in 1995 in Utrecht. She founded the studio Tinystories and works in her poetic and light filled atelier for International clients on paintings, illustrations & collage art. Experiencing the artwork of artist Tiny, is like stepping into a dreamlike world.”


Beautiful tiny art stories from Tinystories


When I prepared for my visit to Maison & Objet fair in Paris last September, I noticed that Tinystories had a stand this year. I obviously went to see it and I really liked finding a daybed exactly like the ones Tiny has in her studio and in her living room.
Her universe was well represented.

Unfortunately Tiny wasn’t there, but I hope I can chat with her a bit (in my own language of course) on a next occasion. I was delighted to get a beautiful card which, in itself, is already a reproduction of one of her works. Now, I’ve joined them together at home. In the photos you can see the card on the Gllu shelf right next to the Blue Eyes print.

Do you like it?



Beautiful tiny art stories from Tinystories

Beautiful tiny art stories from Tinystories
…by night!




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