DIY of a special Dip & Dye effect on a tablecloth and some napkins.

  I ventured a DIY with fabric dye. A sudden urge to try a kind of Dip & Dye, but with a discreet outcome. I’ve used a very beautiful tablecloth and its napkins, in white washed linen. The thing is, I wanted to do just…View Post

My easy Ikea hack with the Gladom tray table

How to personalize Gladom, the well-known and very inexpensive tray table? Ikea hacks have been arguably the most sought after and accessible DY’s for years. And it’s true that with a few simple interventions, it’s often very easy to create a personalized object, with an…View Post

The 13 best DIYs to start autumn

  It’s been more than three weeks that we read and hear about the rentrée, which is the general french term for the time when everyone’s going back to school, back to work etc. By now, at the end of septembre you could say ‘been…View Post

My DIY of a lighting star for Christmas

  Do you too like creating DIY’s for december holidays? Yesterday I noted in my Sunday Instagram publication, I haven’t done anything to decorate our home for Christmas yet. But there’s hope because I have worked on a DIY that found its place on my fireplace…View Post