Christmas vacation – 5 decorating essentials in your suitcase

Christmas vacation - 5 decorating essentials in your suitcase
photo: @marloes2108

Christmas is by far the perfect time to style and decorate your home. And every year I try to write a blogpost with differen kind of ideas to do just that.
But what to do when you’re leavinghome to celebrate Christmas in a holiday rental? You’ll most likely not bring down from the attic the box with Christmas decorations from previous years. And also, you have to wait to be at your holiday destination before you can start the festive and fun activity of decorating.

In today’s post, I’ll hope to list the essentials to pack in your suitcase if you do wish to bring a Christmas atmosphere to your holiday rental.
I will also add a few ideas that might get your personal creativity going, to accomplish a cozy and warm party atmosphere, even away from home.



Christmas vacation - 5 decorating essentials in your suitcase
photo: Seasons
Christmas decorating must-haves to pack in your suitcase:
  • Strings of fairy lights
  • Some string
  • Candles
  • A tablecloth/plaid or some fabric
  • All sorts of Christmas garlands


The fairy lights will take little space in the suitcase and lways have such a lovely effect. Once you’ll settled in your holiday home you’ll easily find several places to put them, for exemple in the midst of your Christmas dinner table. It is also essential to embellish what you may find there for your Christmas decor. If you’re in a big city, you could to buy a (smaller) Christmas tree or some branches. But if you’re going to the countryside, you’ll have to do a walk in the forest or elsewhere in nature, to find some branches, pine cones, leaves, etc. Remember to take only what’s already rejected by nature and therefore most likely to be found on the ground. (you’re obviously not tearing off branches from a healthy tree).

With some string or even rope you’ll be able to create your own decorations. With small pine twigs or paper cut shapes a garland is quite easy to make, for example.

There’s probably no need to explain why candles are a ‘must-have’ at Christmas? And by grouping a few candles tied up with the string I just mentioned , you’re already making a lovely and simple decorative item. Or a beautiful candle in a glass or a nice dish with some forest greenery, that’ll do it too.
Not all holiday rentals will provide tablecloths and to create a nice Christmas tablesetting, it can be a real plus. It might seem strange, but a plaid from home could serve as a tablecloth for the festive meals you might have. And the rest of the time, it’ll add a warm note to the living room (and your legs on tv night).
If the plaids you have in your home seem a little too precious, check out the coupons at the fabric store. For a fairly reasonable budget you should find printed or structured fabrics that will do the trick.

All kind of Christmas garlands, maybe those in that box of Christmas stuff (in the attic), those you’ve made yourself or those called out ot you in the store, will add a super festive touch. They don’t take up a lot of space in the suitcase either and, depending on the style you like (whether it’s bling-bling, colorful or more natural) they’ll add a lot to the party atmosphere.


With a little of each, I’m sure you’ll succeed in transforming your holiday accommodation into a more personal and more still al pleasant and festive place!



Christmas vacation - 5 decorating essentials in your suitcase
photo Thalie and Co


Christmas vacation - 5 decorating essentials in your suitcase
photo: Damask & Dentelle


Christmas vacation - 5 decorating essentials in your suitcase
photo: Abismo Sideral
Some ideas to get you started with your holiday home Christmas decoration creativity:
        • When discovering your vacation rental, try to find the possibilities of the items you’ll find on site. In the kitchen for example, glasses, bowls, dishes, trivets etc. that you don’t plan to use for cooking, turn them into a candle holder or container for forest finds.
        • A tree is a real Christmas tradition, but there are many alternatives. A big beautiful branch found in the woods, will make a nice stand-in for example, a. With some fairy lights and decorations, even paper ones, it’ll absolutely work magic!
          Another idea might be a wall canvas with the image of a fir tree, or the drawing of a fir tree on a paper roll or a chalkboard board.
          On Pinterest and on several websites and blogs you can find plenty of more ideas.
        • Buy a roll of brown paper (kraft paper). You’ll be able to make a table runner with it, or place mats. And with a felt pen you can decorate the paper items with Christmas drawings or cute little messages. Or you ca draw a Christmas tree on the roll of brown paper by putting it from floor to ceiling. And even for wrapping your gifts, brown paper gives lots of possibilities (like here on Pinterest).
        • So plan an outing in the forest, or even in a park, if possible on the first day of your vacation. With a little imagination you’ll find DIY- or stylingstuff to do with lots of nature products you can find in natures’ garbage area.
        • If you’re worried about the fire hasard of real candles, if you’re with young children for example, you might consider Led candles (battery powered). You can buy them anywhere now. Christmas without candles just doesn’t do it, right?
        • Don’t forget to decorate yourself! Your outfit should be as nice as the pretty decorative groove of the house, don’t you think?
        • Be bold!!
          It’s so much better to celebrate these special family moments of Christmas in a cozy and warm house that its’ decoration deserves to be considered important. Try planning ahead and enjoy trying new DIY ideas or create an original styling. And why not do it together with your family members, it’s Christmas, the perfect time to do stuff together.


Christmas vacation - 5 decorating essentials in your suitcase
photo: Damask & Dentelle


Christmas vacation - 5 decorating essentials in your suitcase
photo: Ikea


Christmas vacation - 5 decorating essentials in your suitcase
photo: Stijl Inge


Christmas vacation - 5 decorating essentials in your suitcase
photo Marcel van Driel – styling Paula Schouten


Christmas vacation - 5 decorating essentials in your suitcase
My Christmas table 2 years ago in an AirBnB in Les Landes


And that’s it for now!
I hope I’ve given you some ideas in case you too, you’re not home for the holidays. And who knows, you might even be inspired for Christmas decorations for your own home.


I wish you a happy, pretty and very cosy Christmas, where ever you’ll be to celebrate!





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