Ideas to steal: the close-to-the-ground shelf

Ideas to steal, the close-to-the-ground shelf
via Fler

You too, are you always looking for cool new ideas to decorate your home?
When you don’t have a great deal of imagination to invent ways to decorate your home yourself, you go and find inspiration in stores, magazines, other people’s homes, TV shows
, Pinterest, interior design blogs (of course), etc.
personal research and findings are already often to be found on this blog. But despite this fact, I decided to create a special category and, if possible, dedicate even more publications to the subject. Of course, the goal will be to inspire you with a maximum of ideas but I admit, what joy to try to fins more, again and again.

So today I present you with examples of an idea that I have already put forward several times on the blog’s Facebook page, the effect of close-to-the-ground shelves!


Ideas to steal, the close-to-the-ground shelf
via Archzine


It’s the New Year and I haven’t published on this blog for over a month. I think sometimes you just get the need to disconnect a little, even without doing it consciously.
I have had a great Christmas holiday, I sound in the New Year quietly and I mostly enjoyed some real family time.

I’m not a big fan of NewYear’s resolutions, or maybe yes but not necessarily at the beginning of a new year. Same thing for the blog, I don’t see why we should have to wait for the start of a new calendar year to want to improve things.
However, as you might have guessed, I am trying to make regular small improvements to the blog. And overwhelming you with more ideas for interior decorating, will be one of them!

Until now I put ideas that inspire me in the category conseils et idées (or decorating stuff), but as of now there’s a new category for specific decorating ideas with photo examples: ideas to steal.


Ideas to steal, the close-to-the-ground shelf
via Découvrir Design


Ideas to steal, the close-to-the-ground shelf
via Brick House


What’s the point of putting a shelf close to the ground like that?
It wouldn’t be surprising of certain people would watch them, with a very critical look, to go on making a joke about how it must be a mistake of the handyman, right?

But there you have it, I think it’s a great idea!
Firstly, a shelf installed so low leaves plenty of space on the wall to put something else. And if not, it makes for quite a minimalist way, or at least tidy, to expose your favorite objects on a shelf.

You too, you might also try to find original ways of decorating and with a close-to-the-ground shelf you actually get something you don’t see a lot, do you? The fact that the shelf doesn’t touch the floor does creates a sens of tidy and balance and on the practical side, if you don’t put it too low you can even vacuum under it real easily.


Ideas to steal, the close-to-the-ground shelf
via Archzine


Ideas to steal, the close-to-the-ground shelf
via Vogue-Living


Ideas to steal, the close-to-the-ground shelf
via Le Bazar Marseillais


Ideas to steal, the close-to-the-ground shelf
via Schoolhouse


I hope these examples will inspire you too. All you need now is to find a wall that lends itself to a close-to-the-ground shelf in your home. I say this becauseinmy own home, I’m finding this really difficult which frustrates me somewhat. But if I do succeed in finding a spot I’ll let you know!

If you like shelves and originality, the article on a hanging shelf to put lots of plant could inspire you also.



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