Ideas to steal – XXL letters on your wall


Hello in big letters on the wall


In this second article on ideas to steal, I’d like to look at a ‘trick’ I particularly like, whichis the literal writing on the walls. If you know my style and my home a little, you know I like ‘writing on the walls’, like the sentence in my home office and also the little humouristic poem on the wall in our bedroom.

But if you’re looking for a serious eye-catcher effect, XXL letters and -words are the real must. Whether it’s the initial of your name, a message of welcome or simply a philosophic life message, XXL letters can not be overseen, it’s a guaranteed original interior design feature!


A floor-to-ceiling Z in a kids room
via Moodkids


XXL letters on the wall of a staircase
via Behance

Why is this a good idea?

There are many reasons to want to put such large letters on your walls.

There is the functional side, in an office or shop for example you can clearly indicate a place clients might look for. Guests/customers will more easily find changingrooms, the department logistics or the restrooms.

Evidently, in a private home, it’s not that functionality of the idea that’s key. So a second reason will logically be that it’s just a great idea to create an impressive eye-catcher

I really feel like taking a pot of paint to put the word hello in our entrance like that!



Big XXL letters on the wall saying WELCOME
via Etsy


A floor-to-ceiling N on the wall of a kids room
via Charly’s Style of Life

How to do it at home?
  1. Take a pencil, a ruler, some paint and masking tape and try to do it yourself. I will try it soon and I will tell you if it’s easy enough, I promise!
  2. Search online to find stickers.
    Even if the trend of wall stickers seem to has
    (thankfully) passed, it’s still a rather simple and feasible way of getting the effect. I have seen XXL letters of all colors on Etsy or even at advertising – and branding professionals.
  3. Find someone creative to do it for you.
    With the trend of handlettering, there are now people who specialize in
    the art of creating letters by hand (the ‘false calligraphy’) and with your imagination and their talents, you should be able to create something really nice!


XXL letters on the wall saying Hola
via The Lovely Wall


A staircase filled with XXL words on the walls
via AA13


XXL letters on the wall saying HELLO
via Spruce + Furn


XXL letters on the wall saying INSPIRE SOMEONE TODAY
via Etsy


So what do you say?
Is this an idea to steal?




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