Interior design shopping east of Marseille at Beau-M conceptstore

Interior design shopping east of Marseille at Beau M conceptstore

What if we got onto another interior design hotspot in this article?
As part of the series Interior Hotspots in France, I’d love to present you the brand new concept store Beau-M, in the village of Gémenos not far from my home. A store like this was really missing here east of Marseille, so I’m delighted with its appearance.

This is the story of Sylvie’s professional conversion. After a career in large corporations she wanted to try (and succeed) in a completely different field. To start a concept store around lifestyle and especially interior design was the obvious next move for her.
Let me tell – and show you!



Interior design shopping east of Marseille at Beau M conceptstore
1. bol by Room and blue ceramic plates 2. crochets wreaths by Vitavi 3. wood objects by Madu-madu 4. Kuba spoon by Urban Nature Culture


It was through social networks that, last summer, a friend pointed out to me that there was to be a new interior design store, opening not far from where I live. Via Instagram I qute quikly found more information about this project and it turned out to be Beau M concept store, an already existing e-shop.

At the end of September, Sylvie opened the doors to the Beau M Store in ‘la Cour des Granges‘, a beautiful project in the village of Gémenos.
The Granges du chateau (barns of the castle), forms a vast set of buildings implanted around a pretty square courtyard with a lovely fountain. They once housed the outbuildings of the castle with living quarters, workshops, stables, wine cellars and even a cabaret! The Granges have been completely restored to provide housing and spaces to welcome artisans, artists, commerce, liberal professions, etc.


Concept Store

Last september, Sylvie has been the first to open her business in this beautiful courtyard.
The store is really pretty with lots of lovely home decor ideas as well as a multitude of gift-objects. You will find
furniture and  interior design accessories of well-known brands such as HKliving, Bloomingville, Pomax, etc. But Sylvie has great pleasure in looking for original and unusual french-made creations, whether it’s made with wood, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, etc.

The store interior shows that Sylvie is a real fan of interior design and she intends to add to her store activity a service of advice to decorating and designing home interiors for her (future) clients.




Interior design shopping east of Marseille at Beau M conceptstore


Interior design shopping east of Marseille at Beau M conceptstore
Lovely, somewhat industrial views in the Beau M conceptstore


Carreer change.

After having succesfully worked in purchasing in large corporations, Sylvie came to a turning point in her carreer and felt like changing course. When an opportunity came along she didn’t hesitate to embark on an undertaking in interior design. She’s always loved home decorating, so she decided to reconvert. She spent a lot of time self-teaching how to manage a shop, how to work communication, how to master computing an e-shop, how to adapt her experience in purchasing to the level of a shop, etc.
And since the end of September she’s officially the proud owner of the Beau-M concept store.
I admire her tremendously for embarking on such an adventure and I am confident that her project will be a real success.


Interior design shopping east of Marseille at Beau M conceptstore
Trays and ‘candle jewelry’ by Boncœurs


As you get inside this beautiful small store, you come across a variety of home decor objects, linens, bags from Africa, artists’ jewelry and a sweet corner dedicated entirely to decorating for children.

If you are in the area ‘east of Marseille), don’t hesitate to look into la Cour des Granges in Gémenos to discover this cute concept store! Take your time to find for example the lighting object you’re looking for or an original little gift you need!

I like the little details, the original objects and the Sylvie’s special finds. It’s a store filled with inspiration in all simplicity and an owner who will be happy to talk to you about the pretty things that you’ll encounter.

And if you’re too far to come … bad luck? No, in that case I invite you to check out the e-shop and the instagram. You will Sylvie’s favorite objects and she’ll be available for any request or question about them.


Interior design shopping east of Marseille at Beau M conceptstore
1. Lamp by Greg&Co 2. textiles : Annabel Kern and Room 3. Lighting suspensions Pomax



Beau M Concept Store
Cour des Granges
13420 Gémenos
tél: 06 03 28 99 01

open from tuesday to saturday from 10h-13h and from 14h30 – 19h



Interior design shopping east of Marseille at Beau M conceptstore
Sylvie and her cute logo




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