My 14 interior design hotspots in Haarlem in the Netherlands

During my last visit to the Netherlands, 3 weeks ago, I took the opportunity to take some pictures of my best hotspots in Haarlem for an interior design shopping itinerary.
Haarlem is a city I’ve known for a long time and for me one of the most beautiful cities in my country. Since I left the Netherlands (many years ago) I only got to spend short moments there. My family lives only 20 kilometers away and since the days of my visits are always full, it’s often in a flash that I visit Haarlem.
But every time I like discovering new places and for the article today I decided to put them on the map, literally!
And for the one that’s my favorite, I’ve reserve an entire new blogpost, very soon!

Bonne promenade!



The city of Haarlem dates from the Middle Ages. The city is nicknamed ‘Little Amsterdam’, which is mainly a reference to its appearance: many canals and a large number of typical Dutch houses.
I love going because it’s not yet invaded by tourists and expats which makes it a city that represents Dutch life better than the capital.
There are many beautiful things to visit, such as the windmill De Adriaan on the Spaarne River, the Frans Hals museum or the Teyler museum but also some twenty ‘Hofjes‘ (closed inner courtyards) which are really precious!

But back to our main interest, interior design and the places you’ll want to find out about.
The first 9 addresses are of beautiful stores and then there are 5 more where you can go for a coffee break or lunch, with interiors as inspiring as the stores!





1. Nyhavn

This ‘conceptstore’ offers sustainable and fair trade products, from second-hand furniture to fair trade fashion and from interior design accessories to orginal decorative objects.
Karen, the owner, works with well-known brands but also with new designers. She likes things with a story. And you can even have a break with good coffee, fruit juice or some homemade cake.

This shop is on my way when I walk from the car park to the center so I dropp in more often. I always find a something nice as a present to someone or to myself. At Nyhavn I discovered one of my favorite Dutch brands Urban Nature Culture!


2. Ottomania

A shop like no other!
Maarten ten Böhmer and Tara Strategier started, still students at the time, selling as wholesalers the products they had found during their travels in the countries and territories of the “old Ottoman Empire”.
At the end of 2001 they opened the shop which is unique in the Netherlands, with its own style and atmosphere. Since then, other shops have asked to sell their products and like that, Ottomania is again wholesaler, in addition to the shop.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover this shop. Even though it’s just a few steps away from the Grote Markt (central square) and the Sint Bavo church, I had never noticed it before. Inside, you feel as if you’re elsewhere and you can easily take your time to look at all the products, which are sometimes very ‘inerior design’, sometimes fashion and sometimes just simply practical for household purposes.








3. Dille & Kamille

Dille & Kamille is a chain of 30 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium and if you don’t know it yet I can only recommend you go!
A surprising assortment, ranging from hand-woven baskets to aromatic herbs and teas, to pie molds and wooden toys: Dille & Kamille is a shop brimming with essentials for cooking, for the home and for the garden. As they say, “The strength of simplicity and the timeless beauty of natural materials.”

I enjoy shopping at Dille & Kamille, for their ‘nature’ atmosphere with the wood and the plants but also because I have the impression that there are thousands of small objects to discover in different categories. I like the wooden toys but I especially like the little specific products for all sorts of uses in the kitchen. It’s really rare that I step out of one of their stores without buying something.


4. White Box Living

This lovely shop only opened its doors in June 2018 and is one of those addresses I found on Instagram.
Marvin, the owner, choses products, with ecological responsibility, made locally and in Europe. Behind all objects, there is a story that Marvin will tell you with enthousiasm. There are lovely coffee table books, beautiful posters, cushions, vases, ceramics, bags, skincare products and more.
And all products are in some way humorous and whimsical.

It was nice to make a tour of this shop because I was like seeing nealy only products and brands that I hadn’t seen before. I really liked the ceramics and I think it’s an ideal store to find original little gifts.


5. My Deer’s

Ah, My Deer’s … this shop! I fell in love with this shop, is that possible? Here, as in many other stores, I got permission to take photos and so I did, without restraint, because everything was beautiful!
I liked this store sovery much, I’m writing a separtae blogpost to show you.
It’ll be on the blog soon I promise!


Dille & Kamille


Dille & Kamille


White Box living


My Deer’s


My Deer’s


6. Vind Lifestyle

So I’m kind of cheating you a little for the Vind Lifestyle shop, because it’s not an interior design store. It’s a shop with vintage clothes or better still, it’s a shop and a hair salon in one! You can get advise on great vintage fashion and shoes by owner Didi and/or you can be made beautiful by hairdresser Anna.

The shop is housed in a beautiful, typical building and if you like vintage clothes, it’s really worth a visit.


7. Ekster & Jay

This is one of those places I found by accident. I was on my way to Native (café, see below) that I passed it and so I took the a minute to see inside.
Open since 2015, Ekster & Jay was created by Englishman Paul Karabin and Dutchman Vincent Massop. They claim a style with a Nordic influence, but they find the items in all European countries.

It’s nice, it’s quite design and there is indeed a Scandinavian feel to it.


8. Atelier8

In a former carpentry workshop, you find this store full of inspiration and creativity. Atelier8 sells home accessories, furniture, books, maps, jewelry and many other gift ideas.
A nice detail, the old carpentry workbench is still in place.

Jacqueline Otto, the owner, has her studio at the back of the store. That’s where she creates her own products, essentially with the four materials metal, fabric, wood and leather. And she also organizes workshops.

Once again, a shop where the interior is already an inspiration in itself, I loved the painted brick walls.
And the product designs of the shop itself are really cool, like the small magnetic board with a leather loop to hang it or the metal racks for shelves. All these quite rough objects surrounded by large green plants are the success of the atmosphere of this store!
I really liked it!



9. Home Stock

Home Stock Haarlem began as a pop-up store 4 years ago and by its success has since opened a branch in Eindhoven and later still 2 others in Nijmegen and Rotterdam.
It is a vast, well-stocked shop, that offers a collection of innovative and colorful furniture and
surprising and somewhat crazy accessories.

I’d say it’s a very eclectic store and so there’s something for everyone. It’s feels nearly like a ‘brocante’ or antique store and also, seeing as it’s quite big, you might want to spend some time, just to be sur to see all in details.



Atelier 8


Atelier 8 – photo: @atelieracht


Home Stock



In the midst of all that shopping, you should not hesitate to take several breaks for coffee or lunch or aquick bite.
Here are 5 addresses to do that, with interiors that are as ‘inspiring’ as the shops (or more?):


a. De Dakkas

The name of this café-restaurant literally translates to the greenhouse on the roof. And that’s exactly what it is. On the roof of a car park in the city, they have put up a large greenhouse and you can go there to enjoy breakfast, coffee, dinner etc. while enjoying the view of the entire center of Haarlem.
There’s even a possibility to rent a separate space with a private roof terrace of about 30 m2.

It goes without saying that this is the ideal place when the weather is nice (terrace with Haarlem view) but then again, during the very gray and dark days that are frequent in the Netherlands, it must be lovely as well because it’s glazed all around and thus so very bright.
What a great idea, they should do this on car parks of every city!



b. By Lima

In October2015 owners Diantha and Bruno opened By Lima. Bruno is from Portugal and both now carry his family name ‘Lima’ (lime in Portuguese).
Diantha loves to cook ‘healthy’ food and therefore everything you eat at By Lima is healthy, fair trade, local, fresh and organic. And delicious!
Everything is sugar- and additive free and there is also vegetarian, vegan or gluten free choices. Coffee, tea, fruit juice, wine and even sodas are organic and you can eat as you want and when you want (having breakfast in teh evening doesn’t bother them at all).
Fun fact is that By Lima grows vegetables on its own little piece of land.
And with the wifi and multiple electrical outlets, you can even settle down to work.


c. Café Martinus

It’s the owners of the café By Lima above who have opened very recently this second and new place in the center of the city, on the dock of river Spaarne.
The interior of this cafe-restaurant had really caught my eye on social media so I shared it in an earlier article here on the blog, even before visiting it myself!

The Café Martinus cuisine has a lot of vegetarian and/or gluten-free options, but for meat lovers there is something for everyone. You can enjoy ‘healthy’ and organic food at Café Martinus, same as By Lima.



De Dakkas – photo Instagram @carleinkieboom


Native – photo Instagram @pppauw


photo Café Martinus via

d. Native

The owners Maria in Myriam have founded Native in a lovely typical house, in a street that is feels very much like a small town.
The atmosphere – indoors and on the terrace – is relaxed and pleasant, a bit like home. But a nice home with an interior I love. The floor is bare, there’s wooden furniture, lots of plants and big comfy chairs, it’s great. And when the weather is nice, the terrace in the narrow street feels a bit like being on vacation.
I recommend it!


e. Café Mogador

What I like about Mogador is above all the location. This café overlooks De Botermarkt square.
With its sunny terrace, this is one of the most beautiful small squares in Haarlem. And it’s here that the real Haarlemmers come for a beer or a bite!

Café Mogador is one of the places to do this but it’s the genuine coffee-conaisseur that’ll most appreciate this place!!





So, this is where my little tour of Haarlem ends.
It’s really a very beautiful and lovely city and with its strategic location between Zandvoort (beach) and the city of Amsterdam, I’m surprised that it hasn’t become more of a tourist attraction yet.
But, the better for it, because there’s nothing better than to walk in the lovely streets in the early morning, with the opening of the shops and cafe’s or than to settle on one of the terraces in summer, when there is a lively atmosphere, people and bikes (of course) everywhere.

I can only say, go see for yourself!




Photos: Interior Crisp – unless otherwise mentionned.




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