My 3 favorite interior design stores in Narbonne

la boutique La Fille du Consul


Last week I went on a sweet bloggertrip in the french region of the Aude and the Herault to meet up with some bloggerfriends, to discover interior design adresses (and see other sites) and for a project meeting. Those who know my Instagram might have seen the Stories, which are partly still available in the insta Highlights.

For this bloggertrip to Narbonne and Montpellier Valérie of the Atelier rue Verte blog has travalled down from Amiens and our guide for the city of Narbonne was Nathalie from Regards et Maisons blog. Not only did she show us some really beautiful stores, restaurants and café’s in the city center, she also took us to some gorgeous and well-known pittoresque places in the direct surroundings of Narbonne.

french bloggers
Nathalie and Valérie at the Village des Pêcheurs


salin gruissan
Le Salin l’ile saint martin de Gruissan


1. La Fille du Consul

The first store in this post is my absolute favorite. What I generally look for in shops is a goodlooking interior and of course a nice presentation and selection of products. I absolutely found this at La Fille du Consul (the stone walls for example are amazing), but it wasn’t just that which I liked. Even more so it was the passion for her work that struck me in the owner, Marie Godichaud. She has a special glow in her eyes that she talks about the products she found and also about the ideas for her own creations.

The store has a selection of interior design items, accessories, perfumes, jewelry and prêt-à-porter. There are products of the bogger well-known brands but also objects of small designers of the South of France, for example Ekaterina Galera. Just find la place des 4 Fontaines which is real close, to find La Fille du Consul.

Nathalie tells us that she manages to find gifts she needs here almost every time and that doesn’t surprise me at all. A store you souldn’t miss when you are in Narbonne!

La Fille du Consul boutique concept store à Narbonne

La Fille du Consul boutique déco Narbonne

La Fille du Consul, boutique déco Narbonne

La Fille du Consul store interior design Narbonne France

La Fille du Consul
5 Rue Benjamin Crémieux, 11100 Narbonne 0
4 34 36 07 53
tuesday to saturday 10h-19h


Gruissan south of France


2. La Maison B.A.U

B.A.U. also known as Beaux Art Utiles, is a beautiful store with a surprising effect.
The store is right next to Les Halles and though when you just walk inside the atmosphere and the products are enticing, the real surprise is found when you go upstairs. There you visit a high-ceiling livingroom, a reading corner, a bedroom, a bathroom and even a children’s room.
And everything is beautiful, you could just move in and live here.

La Maison B.A.U. interior design store Narbonne

La Maison B.A.U. interior design store Narbonne

La Maison B.A.U. interior design store Narbonne

La Maison B.A.U.
4 Place des Jacobins, 11100 Narbonne

04 30 16 19 06
tuesday to saturday 10h–12h30, 14h30–19h


Fishers village Narbonne
Le Village des Pêcheurs


restaurant Narbonne, La Nautique
Bistrot La Nautique


3. Bête de Fripp’Fabrik

It was the very particular front of this store that pulled us to it. As we went in, we discovered an intriguing store/juice bar. Bête de Fripp’Fabrik is in fact a concept store (with a real concept, for once!).
It does partly have ‘fripe’ which is french slang for second-hand clothing and its’ collection of mens’ and womens’ clothes and shoes has been very well selected, with a new reassortment every Wednesday!
On top of that, there is the juice bar to enjoy fresh juice. And as for the decorating/art part, there’s photography, different works of art and also
revisited or upcycled objects (sometimes found on the other side of the globe) with the idea of not just making art or decorative products but more so to create useful objects.

The store is somewhat hidden not even a hundred meters from La Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, and it’s worth the trip. I found a nice pair of leather boots of a quality brand for only 25€ (it’s not an interior design item, but I was not less happy all the same).    

Conceptstore Bête de Fripp'Fabrik in Narbonne

Conceptstore Bête de Fripp'Fabrik in Narbonne

Conceptstore Bête de Fripp'Fabrik inNarbonne

Bête de Fripp’Fabrik
rue Marcelin Coural, 11100 Narbonne
tuesday to saturday, 10h – 19h


Valérie Michel, french interior blogger
Valérie at the Village des Pêcheurs

    A big kiss to Nathalie for showing us around in this lovely corner of the south of France. We had a great time visiting not only the center of Narbonne and its’ surroundings but she had us stay in her lovely home as well. These priviliged moments with blogger friends are always fun and a good idea.      




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