Some ideas to make summer last in your interior

How to get the beachy atmosphere in your home design.

How to get that beach atmosphere in your interior?

I love the beach! In summer as much as in winter in fact, but lately it was obviously more because of the hot weather and high temperatures!
Feeling the sun on your face and the sand between your toes, hearing
the sound of the waves and having a view of the ‘far’.
Do you feel like making the summer and your carefree beach vacation last now you’re back home? With these ideas, you can keep on dreaming a little in your adjusted interior.
Common summer lovers, hang in there !!


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Les couleurs et les matières.

The beautiful color palette of the beach necessarily contains blue of the sea and the sky, but also white of the seashells, beige of the sand and all the colors of natural materials. You can bring these colors back into your home. Add a subtle beach feel by using a single color accent, such as indigo blue or even more subtle, a pastel blue.

The combination of different beach colors also works well! Think light blue,  indigo again, sand beige, white, but also green and soft pink. Choose no more than three colors and try to strike a balance, both in quantity and where to place things. For exemple, if you have a lot of blue on one side of a room and beige on the other, try balancing with accessories or shifting some elements.

And did that salty sea scent make you happy? Try placing scent sticks around the house. There are different summer scents that will remind you of those beautiful days spent by the sea.


Décorating the table to get the beach ambiance in the home. Table setting natural touch

Use beach colors and natural materials to decorate your home


Everything is natural on the beach! That is to say, nearly everything. (you know what I mean, right?)
The natural materials blend perfectly into your beach atmosphere. Choose materials such as bamboo, linen and wood (if possible patinated by the sun and the sea).
Natural materials can be mixed and matched perfectly. A rattan chair with a linen cushion and a wooden display case with summer crockery (indigo, why not).
And how about a white wooden table? Partially cover the table with an ecru linen tablecloth for example and use crockery in the colors suggested above.

A beautiful neutral vase with pampas grasse or a huge banana plant (or other huge leaf-plant) next to the window, it will be as if you are still there. With wooden seats and a wicker lamp as a finishing touch, it doesn’t get any more natural than this.


Inspiration to create an interior with a beach atmosphere. Witsand beach restaurant with strelitzia plants.

Inspirations to create a beachy ambiance in your home
Photography Sjoerd Eickmans, styling Kim Rossenberg – for vtwonen


Inspiration to create an interior with a beach atmosphere. Witsand beach restaurant with wooden furniture and huge plants.

Souvenir touch.

Even the smallest objects can make a big difference in your interior. Accentuate the style with some beautiful beach accessories. If you brought back things found on and around the beach, use them! With feathers for example, make a nest of feathers. Or pretty seashells, for example, can be very decorative in a glass jar or a vase. And as far as driftwood goes, I don’t need to explain, do I? You just have to put them down to enjoy them, nothing more. Like a touch of slow design.
Also, don’t put your straw hat away yet. Put it on the wall, on a coat hook or simply placed on a shelf, it will remind you of the sun rays you wanted to avoid. Why not a lovely poster (homemade, why not) with a photo or a sunny quote, will also extend summer a little.
You’ll be giving a salty touch to your home in no time.


Creatig a home styling with a beachy and holiday feeling. Using a straw hat, an old photo camera and a plant to style interior design

A poster with a holiday feeling, with beach chairs and a pool.


Shopping this style:

Pampas grass     Parfum sticks     Plaid     Strelitzia plant     Ratan chair     Round ratan chair     Glass display box      Beach poster


Wishing a great new schoolyear to all of you and don’t forget, next summer is only 283 days away !!


Direction totem ath the beach Bergen aan Zee. Holiday ambiance. DIY with a beachy holiday style


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