The 13 best DIYs to start autumn


The 13 best DIYs to start autumn

It’s been more than three weeks that we read and hear about the rentrée, which is the general french term for the time when everyone’s going back to school, back to work etc. By now, at the end of septembre you could say ‘been there, done that’!

It’s always a little sad to have to leave summer and the lovely holiday time behind us. But me, I like the ‘rentrée‘ because of everything starting again. Everyone’s getting back into a work -, school- or other rhythm and it’s like

turning a page, like a new chance, like the beginning of a new song …

It might also be a time to start new things in the home, whether it’s big reovation plans or smaller craft projects. So, if this back-to-school feeling to you as weel is an opportunity to some more DIY, decorating or other small projects

in your home, maybe one (or more) of these 13 best automn DIYs takes your fancy.
Let yourself be tempted!


The 13 best DIYs to start autumn
Idea & photo: SkandiblØg
1. Create a dried flower wreath.

Find the four steps to make this lovely delicate wreath on the blog SkandiblØg . The dried flowers make for a lovely and very trendy creation.
I had a real crush!



The 13 best DIYs to start autumn
Idea & photo: Une hirondelle dans les Tiroirs
2. A bar trolley

Marie of the french blog Une hirondelle dans les Tiroirs felt like creating a round trolley and it was finally because of this idea that she decided to use 2 round wooden trays.
Being able to create a small piece of furniture like this shows she has imagination and if you prefer not using it for alcohol and glasses, I also see this lovely trolley in a kitchen for fruit and vegetables or in a bathroom for beauty products!

Marie created thos trolley in collaboration with 18h39.


The 13 best DIYs to start autumn
Idée et photo: Mademoiselle Claudine
3. Golden mirror sun.

The sun mirror has become a cult object that’s a real trend in interior design. Eloïse, the french lifestyle blogger also known as Mademoiselle Claudine suggests making one from scratch with this DIY.
She often wondered how she could create one herself. And then, it’s with round wooden sticks and embroidery circles that she explains here how to make the mirror of her dreams.
I just love it!



The 13 best DIYs to start autumn
via Poppytalk & Asoloskpin
4. Hand drawn botanical mural

I am amazed by this creation.
On the left is the work of Spanish artist Angela Leon on the blog of
Poppytalk and on the right again pretty handmade floral drawings, via Asoloskpin.
I know I’m no artist, like Angela Leon and so to make a mural like that, I would try with a projector and an example drawing found on the Internet, to:
– project the image on a (white) wall.
– draw over the projection with a pencil.
– redraw the drawing with a brush and paint or with a paint marker by

I really want to try it and I have just the white wall for it …



The 13 best DIYs to start autumn
Photo & idea : The Merry Thought
5. Plywood & leather magazine rack

Caitlin of The Merry Thought blog was trying to replace her Netflix binging with more reading. So, a magazine rack in her special cozy reading corner, has become the perfect place for the new magazines she loves.
her tutorial to make this practical and lovely object here.

I particularly like the brown leather strap detail on the plywood!



The 13 best DIYs to start autumn
Idea & photo Interior Crisp
6. Mini bamboo clipboards

A DIY made by little old me. 2 Years ago I bought these Bronssopp bamboo cutting boards at Ikea. It was initially without knowing what to do with them but finally I decided they would make mini clipboards for my kitchen to show recipes, ideas, photos etc.

The Bronssopp boards are no longer available at Ikea but obviously any wooden or bamboo cutting board will do. To know how to make this not too complicated DIY, the article is on at the former Interior Crisp location.



The 13 best DIYs to start autumn
via eHow
7. A teepee hat and coat rack

Sometimes the most beautiful things are the simplest. I say it all the time and in this case it’s true again.
Ok, it’s a DIY that you may have already seen again and again, but it’s still worth seeing again, richt? With round wooden poles, paint and rope, a coat rack is made.

Find the details of this tutorial on eHow  or do you think you’re able to make it on instinct?



The 13 best DIYs to start autumn
Idea & photo Ikea Livethemma via Madame Le Figaro
8. Exposition rack.

I have seen this kind of exposition rack made bu the Woood brand on vtwonen and this DIY was found on Ikea Suède .
There’s no real need for a tutorial because it’s simply a desktop with 4 Mosslanda shelves screwed on.

Again, this is an idea that I would really like to copy in my own home. I have a corner in my kitchen that would would be perfect for it. But I wonder if it wouldn’t be a shame to hide something nice-looking like that?



The 13 best DIYs to start autumn
via Regards & Maisons
9. Hooks with toys stolen from your kids.

I pinned this DIY a verylong time ago from the blog of my dear friend Nathalie. So, again, nothing new but something that’s still trendy and that will still work.
Natural materials are more than ever a trend and certain wooden toy objects you could find in your toddlers’ room or in toy stores will turn away!
No tutorial here, but the picture explains itself. With or without paint, drill the wooden object to glue a screw (that you sawed the head of) in it . An expansion anchor in the wall and voila. Install more of them and alternate the different shapes.



The 13 best DIYs to start autumn
via Au 303 et Poppytalk
10. Interior design jewelry , a mobile or a garland.

We are seeing more and more objects that are like interior design pieces of jewelry, literally. Ceramic necklaces, macrame wall art, etc.
I really like the two objects in the photo and they are quite similar. On the left a garland made of self-hardening modeling clay and you’ll also find the tutorial to this diy on
Poppytalk. It’s not at all difficult and the result is so original and full of delicacy!
And on the right a creation by Valérie of 303: These small white hanging objects are made of a paste called cold porcelain. It’s a dough you can make at home using everyday ingredients at low cost. The recipe is at the bottom of the blogpost in which she explains how to make this beatiful mobile. It’s in french but Google translation will be your best friend.

The procelain is a DIY for people wholike a challenge.



The 13 best DIYs to start autumn
Photo et DIY de En Cours de Création blog
11. The Urban Jungle doormat

A very playful and cute DIY of two years ago that still works, especially with autumn that has just set in.

It’s Chris from the very creative blog En Cours de Création who made these crazy doormats. She explains very well how she did it here! If this DIY doesn’t tickle your fancy, go see her blog anyway because your creativity and motivation will feast on it, guaranteed!

I’m waiting for my new entrance to be built and I’ll make one, that’s for sure!



The 13 best DIYs to start autumn
Idée et photo: vtwonen
12. A scattered cork bulletin board.

Obviously, these pot stands and coasters are intended for the table, but why not hang them on the wall? It works nicely as a bulletin board for a personnal collection of photos, cards, souvenirs, etc.

The idea comes from vtwonen magazine So you will need cork pot stands, cork coasters and pushpins. The Heat pot stands are also to be found at Ikea and if you can’t find cork coasters anywhere, you can cut them out of the Susig, desk pads, also to be found at the big swede.

Hang the cork elements on the wall with strong double-sided tape and alternate sizes for a fun effect. Then obviously, just stick on your prettiest photos, cards, etc. with the pushpins and there you go!



The 13 best DIYs to start autumn
Photos et idée: Ich Designer
13. Bed slats as decorative wall storage.

What an idea! Re-use wooden bed slats to make a fun decorative multi-functional wall storage. It’s German blogger Kristine from Ich Designer who thought of it.
A tutorial is not really necessary because you just have to attach the slatted frame to the wall (maybe you want to adjust its size to fit your wall) and then use S-hooks to hang different objects.

Kristina has tried it in several places in her home, three of which you see in the photo. If you want to see more, go check out her post, no need to read German to enjoy the visuals!
She was very creative finding stuff to put on the slats, like magazines, baskets, towels, clipboards, plants, bags, shoes, books, lamps, etc.
It’s simple, smart and inexpensive!



These are my 13 best autumn DIYs, they really inspired me. And three or four of them I feel like trying at my own home (like the cork thingies on the wall over my daughter’s desk, the floral design with a projector maybe and the exposition rack for my kitchen …)
What about you ? What DIY tempts you, for your home?




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