The bathroom – 13 unexpected decorating ideas & 5 tips to clean it.


Each room in our home deserves special attention when it comes to decorating. So, how about a look at our bathrooms?

The bathroom is often a place where we start and end our daily routines, so why not create a space that brightens our mood? Motivating colors, fun objects or original features can make of the bathroom a fun and/or soothing room.

In this article, I present you with 13 original ideas to break the decorating rules in your bathroom. You can adjust these ideas to your personal preferences and the atmosphere you’d like to create, in your bathroom. Who knows, it might inspire you to decorate this particular room in your home in an unexpected and original way, and create a unique and personalized space.

But as we all know, cleaning it isn’t always easy. That’s why I’ve added 5 practical tips (from our grandmother’s notebooks) for an effectif and budget way to clean the bathroom.


1. Look at yourself in an artistique mirror.

Replace your traditional mirror for an artistique one. Maybe choose a non-conventional shape and frame with sculptural details to enjoy a fantastic design object. You can also create an entire mirror wall or fill your wall with a collection of mirrors that have a same style coherence.

2. Get ‘different’ faucets.

Even in the most traditional bathroom, faucets can be made from different materials (zinc, chrome, brass, stainless steel, polymer, etc.) and even have different shapes. But why not take it a step further and go for this idea of faucets with visible piping (it gives an industrial vibe but also really design) or with unexpected design faucets in all shapes or sizes.

3. A wash basin that’s not white and ceramic.

Every bathroom obviously has a washbasin and the trend at the moment is ‘the double washbasin’.
Tradionally these are often ceramic. But the possibilities of finding another version are numerous. You can find basins in concrete, zinc, mosaic, stone, beton ciré, ec. And I’m convinced that reading this sentence makes you think of other ideas. If your plumber is game (or maybe you’re handy yourself) explore this idea, you’ll enjoy it so much every time you brush your teeth.

4. Black walls all over.

Obviously this idea works in any room in your home. But if trying this idea scares you, the bathroom can be the perfect room to test it.
Also, when I say black, it’s an example. Obviously that goes for all dark hues. Painting a room in very dark tones creates a very cozy and intimate atmosphere. The effect will be a soothing, snug bathroom and a feeling of well-being.

5. An ‘overdose’ of plants.

Install hanging plant pots over your basin or around your bathtub to bring a touch of greenery to your bathroom. The idea of a green wall is ideal for this room too. Choose plants that thrive in a humid environment. It’s a natural and fresh touch. And plants are typically a decorating feature that stands alone, not much else needed.

6. A lighting element you’d never expect.

Use original lighting fixtures such as wall sconces or XXL pendant lights to add a unexpected and modern atmosphere to your bathroom.

Unexpected towel storage.

Replace traditional bathroom cabinets with quirky shelves like baskets to display your towels, beauty products and accessories. Or take it further by creating for example XXL pearl garlands to hang your most beautiful towels. Your own imagination will determine the limits of the ideas to be found for this purpose.


8. A bathtub like no other.

If you are lucky enough to have space for a bathtub (and if you like having one), this is the perfect element that can influence the look of your bathroom. I’m fan of the old freestanding bathtubs, for example, but the three examples below aren’t bad either.

9. Using colorful mosaics.

Choose mosaic wall or floor tiles with vibrant patterns and colors to bring a unique artistic touch to your bathroom.

10. Dare the a bold wallpaper

A bold and colorful wallpaper will add character to your bathroom. Choose a unique pattern or striking geometric patterns for original visual impact. Know that there are now wallpapers that can be applied in bathrooms. They are specially designed for wet rooms. And so, as for the decorating aspect, anything is possible! And with modern papers it’s easier and easier to change them, if you’re ever afraid of getting tired of the patterns.


Shower walls or – doors in wood

There’s noting as warm and natural as the use of wood in interiors. But it will be stunning too in your bathroom.

There are pros and cons of having wood in a bathroom. The advantages include the noble and warm character of the wood, as well as its flexibility and comfort for bare feet. Crafting and installing a wooden shower is also easy.
Obviously, there are also disadvantages. The strength of the wood can vary depending on the type of wood chosen, and it can be susceptible to impacts and scratches. The maintenance of the wooden shower includes the application of an oil twice a year, and the use of a varnish during the installation, especially for solid woods such as beech or oak. Good ventilation is essential to avoid mold in the wood.
But how beautiful!


12. Weathered walls

Leave the walls unfinished and/or weathered. Or choose exposed brick walls. It’s more of an industrial look at the base, but by decorating around it you will be able to make it a minimalist, country, vintage, wabi-sabi or nature styled room.

As for the walls painted in dark tones, it’s an idea that you might not dare to do this anywhere. So your bathroom could be your playground, a testing ground.

13. A dreamy fresco to wake up well in the shower in the morning.

The choice of a mural in the bathroom will bring a real artistic and aesthetic touch to the room. You’ll create a unique and pleasant atmosphere with a personnalized design that works for you.
Also, a mural is also a great idea for a rental. When you leave the premises, some white paint and you’ll have the owner’s approuval.



Transformez votre salle de bains en un havre de paix ou un lieu énergisant (comme vous le souhaitez) avec des idées uniques. Il y a plein d’autres concepts créatifs pour une salle de bains qui sort de l’ordinaire.
Épatez vos invités avec ces idées de décoration audacieuses mais surtout faites-vous plaisir !




5 tips for cleaning the bathroom.

At a time when our contribution to an improved environment has become essential, it’s important to use, where possible, sustainable cleaning ideas. I wanted to add to the selection of decoration ideas, 5 tips for cleaning your bathroom in a practical way, using mainly natural and economical ingredients. They will help you keep your bathroom sparkling clean.



1. Baking soda for the tub : Mix baking soda with a few drops of water to form a thick paste. Apply this paste to your bathtub, leave to act for a few minutes, then rub with a sponge before rinsing.




2. Lemon for tile joints: Cut a lemon in half and rub the tile joints with one half. The acidic properties of the lemon will help remove stains and dirt. Then rinse with clean water.




3. Salt for the toilet: Sprinkle a handful of salt into the toilet bowl and leave it for a few hours. Then scrub the walls with a brush and flush the toilet. The salt will help remove stubborn stains.




4. Vinegar and baking soda for drains: Mix white vinegar and baking soda, pour the mixture down the drains, then flush with warm water. This will help deodorize and rid the drains of residue.

And in case of a clogged sink, I strongly recommend HG drain unblogger and check ou the article with 5 tips to declog your sink.


5. Sparkling water for mirrors: Spray sparkling water on a clean towel and wipe down your mirrors. The effervescence will help remove smudges and dirt, leaving your mirrors sparkling clean.






Be well, in your home!

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